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I am so grateful to you amazing and generous readers! Thank you for continuing to share how you are using the Valentine’s Day Challenge to strengthen your relationships.

One of you wrote to suggest adding photos when we tell a story to someone special in our life. This is such a powerful idea, especially for stories about shared experiences or to make family history come alive.

I feel so fortunate that I got to know my husband Cal’s dad, Grandpa-Great as he is known in the family, before he passed away a few years ago at the age of 92. Cal loves to tell stories about his dad and uncle and cousins, working together on the family farm, milking cows, moving heavy old sprinkler lines, and loading hay. I’ve gone with Cal to Star Valley, WY and met some of his family who still live there, but times have changed, and even high mountain farmland doesn’t look the same as I’m sure it once did. “Outsiders” have moved in and built mini mansions where once there were open fields, no one trudges along together muscling sprinkler pipe to the next spot, and new safety regulations, which keep our milk supply safe, also mean that machines do the milking.

So, when Cal showed me the old photo of him on the back of the tractor with his dad I was intrigued. The pictures were a wonderful addition to Cal’s words and helped me (and our grandkids!) imagine their life so much more clearly.

In the age of digital cameras on our phones, we take so many more pictures. But do we go back and look at them and tell the stories? Do we drag out the our raggedy, funny old family photo books or dig through the boxes of slides and tell the stories?

How long has it been since you asked, “Did I ever tell you about…” and spent some time pouring over the pictures?

Why not now?

Happy Failing Forward Again and Again,


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