ABC4 ‘Resilient Child’ book builds resilience through short stories for parents

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4 News) ‘Resilient Child’ is a new book designed to help parents with practical ideas to build resiliency in their children.

Authors Calvert Cazier and Anne Evans-Cazier joined ABC4 News at 4pm to talk about why resilient growth in children can be important as they go through the many stages of life.

The authors say they created this book because “Resiliency, the ability to face a challenge, learn from it, and bounce forward has been so important in both of our lives, and we realize that parents can chase after solutions to each of the different problems their children face, maybe right now it’s trouble with bullies, or homework, or chores, or being respectful, but building a foundation of resiliency will prepare children to face whatever challenges come up, now and in the future.”

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