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Dreams & Goals

Challenges and Friendship

When Lois Call was 18 months old, a cup of hot grease tipped over and spilled onto her head. It ran down her face, neck, and onto her shoulders causing a serious burn. The doctor made a house call to examine this little girl. After the exam, he placed bandages on her head and turned…

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Mighty Oak, Little Maple


  According to legend, two seeds (one from a maple tree and one from an oak) fell to the ground near one another. The forest in which they lived was dense, with fertile soil. While they started out on the same day, the oak grew faster than the little maple. The oak was becoming a…

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The Teacher Said “No!”

teacher said no

  This post tells the story of a young man whom I will call Zack and an experience he had when he was a senior in high school. This experience teaches us the importance of controlling our ego, appreciating the effort, and being grateful for the part we played in the success of another person.…

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Blind Piano Teacher

blind piano teacher

  When we moved to Salt Lake City, my parents rented a small house. It had a kitchen, dining room, front room, one bedroom, and one bathroom. There were five of us living there. My two sisters and I slept in the bedroom, and my parents slept in the dining room. We had an upright…

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My Spelling List Under Pillow

  I was never a very good student, however one teacher made a significant difference in my life. She was my fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Bouck. In many ways her methods were quirky and unconventional. My most poignant memory was her motivational technique for helping me learn to spell better. She motivated (perhaps bribed is…

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Can’t Teach A Pig To Sing

  Some time ago I heard a story about an old farmer walking with his grandson out to feed the pigs. On their short walk the grandfather gave the boy some simple advice, “Son, you can’t teach a pig to sing because it wastes your time and it irritates the Hell out of the pig.”…

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What is the Value of an Eagle?

  Several years ago I was actively involved with the Boy Scouts of America. One evening I was talking to a young man trying to motivate him to finish the requirements for his Eagle Scout Award. He was approaching 18 and needed to hustle if he wanted to earn it. Richard asked a question I…

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