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Family Traditions

Two Dollar Thought

Sometime ago I was walking to my office on the Brigham Young University (BYU) campus. As I was walking I started thinking about an experience I had with my Grandmother Cazier in 1966. I had just graduated from high school and was preparing to go to Italy for 2½ years. The day before leaving she…

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Grandpa’s Gooseberry Ice Cream

  Every summer Grandpa Call made homemade gooseberry ice cream using his kid powered ice cream maker. We looked forward to eating this special treat, which always delighted our palettes. After everything was ready he assigned the task of cranking the kid powered ice cream maker to his grandchildren. The lucky ones got their turn…

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Cross-Eyed Baby

cross-eyes baby

  When I was a young child my grandfather would pick me up, put me on his knee, bounce me up and down, and sing, “Cross eyed baby on each knee and a wife with a wart on her nose, on her nose, and a wife with a wart on her nose.” I would laugh,…

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Little Sister Meets The Mouse

mouse badge

  I remember hearing that the best way to catch a mouse was to shine a light in its eyes, which would paralyze the critter thus making it easy capture. Supposedly, this was more efficient than a mousetrap. One night my parents went out for the evening leaving my sisters and I home by ourselves.…

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Sitting At Grandma’s Feet

grandma and granddaughter

  I loved visiting Grandma Call and listening to her stories. I will share a few things I learned at her feet. She painted a picture in my mind of her father flooding the pasture every winter to make an ice skating pond for her family and friends. I felt I was there when she…

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Three Little Kisses

husband kissing wife on cheek

  For as long as I can remember, my parents had a daily ritual before Dad went to work and again every evening when he came home. They gave each other three little kisses, which was one way of saying “I love you”. We noticed other expressions of love that included the way Dad always…

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