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Milk Buckets Are For Milk, Not Rocks

bucket badge

Dr. Worthen was the country doctor who operated on my elbow after I fell off a horse and dislocated it. When he took off the cast he suggested to my grandmother that I carry a milk bucket full of rocks around the farm. He explained this would help straighten my arm. The torture began as…

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The Snowshoe Hike

When I was younger I was a boy scout, and I have positive, fun filled memories as well as memories of drudgery and mental torture. I learned from both. My most vivid scouting memory occurred when I was 16 or 17 on an overnight snowshoe hike to a cabin belonging to an uncle of one…

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Tides of Life

boats stuck in mud

  As part of our vacation, we went to a small town in France that played a prominent part in the D-Day Invasion during WWII. The name of this place was Port en Bessin and one evening we went into town to buy an ice cream cone. As we walked over the small harbor bridge…

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