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The Doberman vs. The Panther

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  There is a story of an old Doberman who got lost while chasing a rabbit. As he was trying to get his bearings he noticed a panther running towards him, licking his lips, anticipating a Doberman lunch. This old dog realized that he needed to act quickly. He saw some bones lying on the…

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That Dog Is A Thief!

  A few years ago, my wife and I bought some sandwiches and decided to walk up City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City to eat them. It was a warm fall day and we were enjoying our time together just laughing and being silly. We had just enough time to walk up the canyon…

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Miss Mills’ Closet

  Miss Mills was my fourth grade teacher. She was young, attractive, athletic, and a disciplinarian. She became my favorite teacher because she made class fun. One spring afternoon is poignant in my memory. We had just come back from recess and I was sitting in the front row close to the storage closet where…

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Practical Joke

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  The other night I was riding in a van with my family. My oldest son, Paul, was driving and I was sitting towards the back. Hyrum, my eight-year-old grandson, was sitting behind me and asked to see my watch, so I put my left arm over the seat and he started playing with it. After a few…

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Chased by an Angry Momma Bear

  When I was 11 years old I went to Yellowstone National Park with my father, and other fathers and sons from our church. My most memorable experience was when the bus driver stopped at the side of the road so we could take a picture of a mother bear and her cub resting a…

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