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A Boy’s Life

As the only boy in my family, I always felt sorry for myself because I was surrounded by three sisters and no brothers. I love my sisters but truth be told as I was growing up I had very few commonalities with them. For example: I was not interested in spending time talking about boys;…

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Lost, a Resilient Child Story by Cal Cazier, PhD

In 1974, we had just moved back to Salt Lake City, Utah, after completing my Master’s of Public Health degree at the University of Tennessee. My first wife Carol was recovering from surgery and radiation therapy for ovarian cancer. Paul was nearly four years old and we were staying in my parent’s home until I…

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The Glass Piano

Glass piano

  In the summer of 1974 my first wife Carol, our three-year-old son Paul, and I went on an outing with some friends to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. I was just finishing my education at the University of Tennessee and Carol recently had surgery for ovarian cancer and was going through radiation therapy. Carol was weak and…

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Shot My Hat With A Shotgun

  One afternoon I went rabbit hunting with my friend Bill, my sister Connie, her date, and my fiancé Carol. I was wearing a hillbilly hat that I wore everywhere. Because we were hunting in a place where no rabbit wanted to live, Connie’s date found another way to have fun. He stole my hat,…

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Gentle Nudges—The Sheepherder

  My grandfather owned a farm in Afton, Wyoming where he kept sheep, dairy cows, a pig or two, horses to help him work the farm, a dog, and some chickens. Every spring he and his brother traveled to California to shear sheep and they worked their way home shearing for other ranchers, getting home…

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Dumb Horse or Dumb Boys?

(Part 1 of 3) On a hot summer afternoon I went horseback riding with two cousins. We had one horse and we were riding bareback. I always thought that horse was the dumbest horse I ever rode. I don’t remember whose idea it was to ride that horse but it was a lousy idea. I…

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He Leapt into My Heart

About 10:30 a.m., two days before Christmas in 1982, we received a phone call that changed our lives forever. I was in the garage working on some Christmas toys when my wife called me to the phone. I stopped what I was doing and went to answer it. When I picked it up the woman…

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