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Self Worth

Short Walk With Anne

I remember an incident that happened several months ago. On this particular day I wanted to take a short walk around the block so I invited Anne to go with me. At the time I was trying to recover from a concussion and the associated fatigue that seemed to be my constant companion.  As we…

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A Father’s Dream

I guess every father and (mother for that matter) have dreams for their children.  Both of my sons know how much I enjoy baseball and how badly I have wished that I had talent for the game and could have competed on a real baseball team. I played a lot of sandlot ball but that…

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Dare to be Different

In addition to the real life cowboys who helped me grow and understand how to live and survive in this world, I learned a lot from the cowboys portrayed in the movies. One movie in particular, “Big Country” with Gregory Peck, has many insightful and helpful teaching moments that if adapted can help us and…

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Gob Chewed Up Cheetos

My family and I have had season tickets to BYU football for more than forty years and we have had many fun and interesting experiences.  Our most infamous encounter with potential disaster occurred in 1982 during the BYU vs. New Mexico game. Steve Young was the quarterback and Eddie Stinnett was the running back. Just…

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My Most Important Award

child's award

  The most important award I ever received was a box of colored pencils from Mrs. Simpson. She was my 5th grade art teacher who also taught penmanship. I remember her being a very demanding and perfectionist type teacher. She expected our letters to be perfect and made us practice over and over on paper…

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A Mother’s Belief


  In the spring of 2016, I spoke at the national conference of the Tourette Association of America. After my presentation Kirsten described an experience her son Henry had had two days earlier. Henry has Tourette syndrome (TS) in addition to ‘High Functioning Autism’.  This young man is 13 years old and was invited to…

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Mighty Oak, Little Maple


  According to legend, two seeds (one from a maple tree and one from an oak) fell to the ground near one another. The forest in which they lived was dense, with fertile soil. While they started out on the same day, the oak grew faster than the little maple. The oak was becoming a…

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