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A Penny’s Worth of Honesty

After completing my education, my family and I moved back to Utah and lived with my parents until I could find a job. Our son Paul, who was almost four made friends in the neighborhood and one afternoon he was playing with them when some apples were delivered to our neighbors. They were left on…

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First Date, I Can’t Believe It!

In August 2005, I was at my sister’s house listening to her advice about finding a wife (my first wife had passed away). I wasn’t really paying attention when she dragged me to her computer and signed me up for a dating service. After filling out the form she said, “Give me your credit card!”…

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Banana Man

I was nineteen years old living in Taranto, Italy. I was working with a Frenchman who was older and more experienced than me. He spoke better Italian, understood the local culture, and helped me move forward with my work. We lived on the second floor of an apartment building with a balcony on the south…

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Let Water Run Where It Runs!

river with a small waterfall

  Sometime ago I had the privilege of visiting an older gentleman in his early 90s. As part of the conversation he shared some advice about how he lived his life. He said that he, “let the water run where it runs!” This statement would have been confusing if I didn’t understand the context in…

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Ducks In The Pond

  This morning we stopped by the side of the road to adjust our GPS so we could get to our destination using the most direct effective route. Looking out the window of our parked car I saw a family of ducks sitting on the edge of a pond. The younger ones appeared to be…

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WWII German Veteran

  A few months ago I walked to the park with my grandson, which was close to his home in Stuttgart, Germany. Just after we sat down an older gentleman approached and started talking. He was 92 years old. He spoke decent English and he wanted to talk so we listened, asked questions, and learned…

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The Toothpick

pile of toothpicks

    Today (January 13, 2015), two of my sisters, my dad’s wife Eva, and myself were with my father as he was transitioning to departing this life and entering into the next. We all knew that we only had a few hours left with this good man and we wanted to enjoy the time…

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