Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle

  This past summer, my family spent a couple of days at an inn located on a farm in rural Belgium. One evening my wife and I decided to go for a walk and we walked into an old barn located on the property. Tacked to the wall was a piece of paper with the…

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“On Belay”


  My father-in-law, David C. Evans, mentored hundreds of boys during his 27 year tenure as a scoutmaster. He trained and inspired his scouts to be prepared and accountable for their scouting adventures and for life. One day, more than forty years ago, Dave took a group of scouts plus his 10 year old son…

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  When I was in the seventh grade I was shy around girls. The stress of talking to a girl was almost more than I could endure. It was traditional that the seventh graders had an end of the year dance requiring dance cards. I was traumatized at the thought of being expected to attend…

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Surviving The Autobahn

gas pump

  Last summer my family and I were driving back to my son’s house in Stuttgart, Germany after a trip to France. It was late and we were about fifty miles from the German border and running low on gas. We wanted to fill up in Germany because my son could buy it for $3.00/gallon…

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