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What Kind of Builders Are We?

My dad was a “builder” of many things – his business, his community, his faith, his family. He was a barber by trade and for most of his life he was in his shop six days a week, year in and year out. People came to him to have their hair cut, yes, but just…

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Tango With A RAT!

One of the most bizarre memories I have of living in Tennessee, occurred while I was working and did not witness it. I am relying on what was told to me by my wife, Carol although I did eventually see the cause of all the excitement. I wish I could have watched her Tango with…

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Two Strangers From Texas

The year 2018 was a difficult year for my family and me. It started with my diagnosis of bladder cancer and surgery. Throughout the summer I was in and out of the hospital for various reasons including C-Diff bacterial infections and negative reactions to chemotherapy. Nevertheless it ended on a positive note. Many prayers and…

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The Locksmith

Some people see a closed door and turn away. Others see a closed door, try the knob, If it doesn’t open…they turn away. Still others see a closed door, Try the knob, if it doesn’t open they find a key, If the key doesn’t fit…they turn away. A rare few see a closed door, Try…

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An Alligator’s Dinner Sitting in a Canoe

alligator badge

  Several years ago, my wife and I were in Florida spending time with our family. One of the activities we planned was an outing to the everglades where we rented a couple of canoe’s to observe the alligators in their natural environment. Before setting off the rangers gave us instructions about respecting the alligators…

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Too Late To Dig A Well

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching an English murder mystery and, upon seeing the victim, one of the detectives described the situation with the following comment, “It’s too late to dig a well if your house is on fire.” My first reaction when I heard this was to laugh,…

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