An Alligator’s Dinner Sitting in a Canoe

alligator badge

  Several years ago, my wife and I were in Florida spending time with our family. One of the activities we planned was an outing to the everglades where we rented a couple of canoe’s to observe the alligators in their natural environment. Before setting off the rangers gave us instructions about respecting the alligators…

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Too Late To Dig A Well

    A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching an English murder mystery and, upon seeing the victim, one of the detectives described the situation with the following comment, “It’s too late to dig a well if your house is on fire.” My first reaction when I heard this was to laugh,…

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Mrs. Wiggs


  When I was a child I received a book for Christmas entitled Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch by Alice Hegan Rice. Mrs. Wiggs is a poor woman living in dilapidated housing with her four children. She is uneducated but wise with a lifetime of experience and willing to share it with anyone who…

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Little Black Bird

bird on branch, Little Black Bird feature image

  Several years ago I was on a four-day business trip to Washington, D.C. I was staying in a hotel near the Reagan National Airport. At this time I was a regular jogger and each morning before the conference I went for a forty-five minute jog. The first morning I jogged on a trail near…

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Crazy Driving


  In February 2015, my son and I were traveling from Washington DC to Norfolk, Virginia. Normally this trip takes three hours but we got caught in a snow/ice storm and we finally reached our destination after 12½ hours of white knuckle driving. At one point we were going 18 mph and in a period…

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