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It’s almost here! The best Valentine’s Day you’ve ever had is tomorrow. While retailers are filling our airwaves and inboxes with reminders that it’s not too late to buy something, I’d like to remind you that it’s never too late to start building the kinds of connection and caring that make each day a day worth celebrating with those you love and care about.

Day 7: Express affection

On the first day of this Valentine’s Warm Up, one of my sisters, who lives over 1,000 miles away, wrote to me and said,

“What a great challenge!  It will be fun to see what happens! Surely love and miss you, dear sister! Wish we lived closer and could spend more time together. Have a great day! Love, Sue”

How long do you think it took Sue to write that little note? Not very long, right? But those simple words of love and encouragement meant the world to me. Never underestimate how important it is to speak out loud (or write down and send!) your words of affection.

Think about who you love and care about who could use a few words of affection today.

Choose how you will send your message. Will you tell them in person that you care about them, send a text or an email letting them know how much they mean to you, or call them on the phone and say how glad you are that they are part of your life? (It’s OK, you can tell me how old fashioned I am. My kids and grandkids tell me that no one uses the phone to talk anymore and that I need to text people to ask them if I can give them a call, but I just let us disagree about that!)

I bet you know me well enough now to know what comes next, right?

Do it! Yes, it will help your relationships some if you just think about how much you care and you consider telling others about your feelings, but it does go a lot farther if you actually tell them. Express your affection!



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