Ducks In The Pond



This morning we stopped by the side of the road to adjust our GPS so we could get to our destination using the most direct effective route. Looking out the window of our parked car I saw a family of ducks sitting on the edge of a pond. The younger ones appeared to be at the age that they would soon say goodbye to their parents and leave their nest.

The parents seemed to know that this day was approaching and wanted to make sure their little ones were prepared for life. They were busy fine-tuning those skills that would serve them well when they were on their own. For example one parent had three of the ducklings in the pond for more swimming practice, while the other parent gathered the rest together to fine-tune their preening techniques.

As I watched these ducks I thought about the responsibilities we have as parents to prepare our children for their life’s journey. One of the big differences between the ducks and us are the weeks vs. the years involved in the training of our offspring.

Ducks have only a few short weeks to train their little ones and use it wisely. How do we manage the short time we have with our children?

Please write and let me know how you use your time to prepare your children for their life-long challenges.

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