Practical Joke



The other night I was riding in a van with my family. My oldest son, Paul, was driving and I was sitting towards the back. Hyrum, my eight-year-old grandson, was sitting behind me and asked to see my watch, so I put my left arm over the seat and he started playing with it. After a few minutes he seemed to lose interest and turned his attention to something else. We finally got home, late, tired, and anxious for bed.

I awoke early and got up to check on a few things. After a few minutes I crawled back into bed and my wife asked me the time, to which I responded, “6:30.” The last thing I heard her say was, “Oh good! We still have an hour to sleep.”

Five minutes later Paul knocked on our bedroom door and told us it was time to get up. “It’s only 6:30, go back to bed,” I yelled. He informed me that it was 7:30 and then it dawned on me that Hyrum had played a joke on me and had set my watch back an hour.

All I could do was laugh at his joke and enjoy his humor. Life is meant to be fun and if we can incorporate laughter it makes it much more enjoyable. I complimented him on pulling a good one on me and reminded him that I would get even (of course only in a fun way). I noticed that his self-esteem was up with this good-natured play. Humor can do this. Helping our children develop humor is an excellent way to help them cope with the challenges of life.

Please tell me about humor in your family.

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