Shot My Hat With A Shotgun

shot my hat with a shotgun


One afternoon I went rabbit hunting with my friend Bill, my sister Connie, her date, and my fiancé Carol. I was wearing a hillbilly hat that I wore everywhere.

Because we were hunting in a place where no rabbit wanted to live, Connie’s date found another way to have fun. He stole my hat, threw it in a tree, and started shooting at it. To my dismay, Bill came along and shot it out of the tree, with his shotgun.

While driving home I kept thinking about getting even with Bill and by the time we got there I had a plan. As soon as we got home I jumped out of the car and ran into the house wearing what was left of my hat. When my Mom saw my hat she panicked and asked, “What happened?”

I said, “That stupid Bill blew it off my head with his shotgun.” The trap had been set. I saw it in her eyes. She was ready to rip heads and it wouldn’t be mine.

When Bill walked into the house her anger came rushing out of her mouth and straight at him. Bill just stood there stupefied not knowing what he had done. I was in the other room laughing.

Finally Carol figured out what was going on and she explained what really happened. Mom felt silly, apologized to Bill, and then started laughing. At that point I knew I had gotten even and it was safe for me to go back in where the action was.

I knew how mom would react and that she would laugh at the joke. I appreciated the relationship she had with our friends. Our friends came to our house because it was a house of safety, a house of laughter, a house of love, a house of kindness, a house of peace, a house of fun.

Our house was a home patterned after mom’s beliefs, strengths and personality. As parents we should work hard to make our home a place where our children enjoy having friends visit.

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