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Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope it truly is the best Valentine’s Day you have ever had, regardless of what anyone else does or doesn’t do.

Day 8 could be another Day 1: What?!? 

We’ve spent a week trying 7 ways to create more caring and connection in our relationships, so why stop?

You could choose to keep going on. Now you may be saying to yourself, “Well, sure I could do that, but it doesn’t seem very fair.” Or, “Yeah, but why should I do all the work?” Or, “OK, but only if someone else does something nice back.”

And you would be right, it isn’t fair, but it could still be worth it. It could be worth it to show up as your best self, the person you want to be in your relationships, regardless of what anyone else does or doesn’t do.

And if you CHOOSE to keep going on, who knows how much your relationships could grow and deepen as you keep nurturing them?

And, hey, if you don’t like it, whenever you want you can always choose to go back to how it was before, right?

So, I choose to make Day 8 Day 1 and tell a story.

Here’s my story for my husband, Cal.

Dear Cal, remember the day we met?

That’s the day we broke all the rules.

I broke the rule that I should wait for the guy to go first. I was laughing so hard when I read your online profile that I sent you a message.

You broke the rule that you should play hard to get. You got my note and wrote back right away, open and friendly, no gamesmanship.

I broke the rule and kept writing all through the day, no pretending that I had other, “more important” things to do.

You broke the rule and asked me out to dinner.

I broke a ton of rules and said, “Yes!”

Rule: Never go out until you’ve known someone online for quite a while.

Rule: Never go out at night for the first date.

Rule: Never go someplace unfamiliar for the first date.

Need I go on?

PS – I did google you and download your Brigham Young University faculty picture and sent it to one of my brothers and all three of my daughters and told them I had agreed to meet someone who claimed to be this guy, just in case I never returned…

You broke the rule and asked me to a place that was CLOSED!

I broke the rule and stayed alone in a dark, abandoned parking lot, waiting for you.

We broke the rule and had such a good time talking and laughing that we failed to notice that the buffet line had been shut down and cleared away, everyone else had finished dinner and left, and a lone waiter was desperately wiping the table next to us, trying to get our attention and inspire us to leave, please, leave so we can all go home.

Thanks, Cal, for breaking the rules and taking a chance on us. Love you from the bottom of my heart and looking forward to having many more adventures together.

Always, Anne

Are you curious now to know what Cal did for me for Valentine’s? Click here to see.

PS - If you CHOOSE to join me and keep showing up as your better self, no matter what others do or don’t do, here is a quick review:

Day 1: Tell a Story

Day 2: Do Something Thoughtful

Day 3: Gratitude

Day 4: Be Curious

Day 5: Forgive

Day 6: Verbal Stroke

Day 7: Express Affection

Here’s to building great relationships one day at a time,


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