Too Late To Dig A Well




A few weeks ago, my wife and I were watching an English murder mystery and, upon seeing the victim, one of the detectives described the situation with the following comment, “It’s too late to dig a well if your house is on fire.” My first reaction when I heard this was to laugh, but then I kept turning his comment over in my mind.

I started thinking about my professional training and experience. I worked in Public Health for 30 years and the one constant that we taught was that it was easier to prevent something than to try to repair or replace it after the fact. However, we must be aware of potential dangers before we can take action to avoid or prevent them.

As wise parents we can use our own experience to help our children as they prepare for their future. We may not know exactly what they will encounter in their lives but we do have enough knowledge and wisdom to recognize many potential challenges. While we certainly will not be able to prevent everything, there are still some things that we can do to figuratively help them dig their wells before they need them. By helping our children be prepared we will strengthen them to live life effectively and gain confidence in their ability to take charge of who they are and who they want to become.


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