Uplift Families Part 2

Uplift Families posted a second story in a three part story about the Resilency Toolkit.

"Small rituals, repeated daily, become a solid bedrock of resiliency to ground your child’s connection to you and his family. Daily routines offer rich opportunities to create comforting, familiar patterns and expectations: how family members greet each other in the morning and when they return home, how they say goodbye, how they get ready for work, school, meals, and bed. Snack time, dance parties in the kitchen, bedtime stories, sharing highs and lows of the day while you and your child do the dishes or make the beds together, walks around the block—there are endless possibilities for all different ages and interests.

Positive daily rituals give a reliable structure to the day and something to look forward to through good times and bad. When your child is having fun with friends or a good day at school, these positive experiences will help her look forward to connecting with you and sharing her experiences. When she is having a rough time and her day is not going so well—maybe a new friend won’t play anymore, she got a bad score on an assignment, or was dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend—she will look forward to the comfort of knowing that you will be there to greet her when she gets home, and she will be able to count on the dependable daily routines of respect and connection you are building. She will have the resiliency to work through her challenges, with the solid support of daily rituals of connection." >> Read the full article.

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