Conquering Homework

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HELLO! We are so excited to welcome you to Conquering Homework in Middle School! We’re glad you’ve joined us and that we are starting on this amazing journey together. I’m Dr. Calvert F Cazier and this is my wife, Anne Evans-Cazier, LCSW. We know what it’s like to be a middle schooler, have middle schoolers, and help middle schoolers get their homework DONE! Yes, it really is possible to help them get it done with less stress and more success. We have over 50 years of combined experience helping families and kids succeed. We also know that each family is unique, and you are the expert on yours. So we look forward to combining our forces and working together to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.

Before we go any further, please take a quick mental snapshot of where you and your middle schooler are with their homework right now, the challenges and frustrations, as well as what’s working. Having a clear picture of this moment in mind will make it so much more rewarding in the coming weeks when you look back and see just how far you will have come!



We’re going to start with a step-by-step guide, beginning with Step 1, Chart Your Course. We know you want real, lasting change in how homework gets done at your house. Maybe you’ve come to dread school nights and weekends too, or you’re tired of the nagging, arguing, lost assignments, rushed, halfway finished work, the tensions, and disruptions homework’s been creating in your family. Your first step will be getting super clear about what success looks like to you and why that’s important.

The next step, Step 2, Get Ready is all about preparation, and you can relax knowing we will actually lighten your load by helping you gather just the right “gear,” the customized assessments, tools, and resources you and your child need for success, no more, no less. We’ll keep it simple, straightforward, and practical.

In Step 3 we focus on Set Your Anchors and you will be in the thick of things. You’ll be gaining confidence and clarity, and your preparations will start to pay off big time. We see so many well-intended parents skip this crucial step and then fall short of their hopes in spite of all their hard work. This is when you’ll focus on strengthening healthy connections with your child, what we call setting “Emotional Anchors.” Healthy connection empowers effective action.

Step 4, Get It Done! is where everything comes together. Empowered by the secure anchors you’ve set, you will be a stronger TEAM and your child will be finding their motivation, taking the initiative, and getting their homework done without falling back into miserable old patterns. You may ask, “Is this possible?” and the answer is, “YES!” And don’t worry, we’ve got your back and will show you how. 

And finally, you’ll reach Step 5. and it will be time to Celebrate! Yay! We’ll pause to enjoy the moment and savor the successes! Then we’ll look back, review and revise before circling around and starting to chart your next course of action. Because here’s the thing, there will always be more to learn and to do. There will be new vistas and summits ahead, but now that can fill you with joy, not dread. Parenting truly is the ultimate “Never-Ending Journey.” As good old Buzz Lightyear put it, we are going “To infinity… and beyond!”


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