A Real Beauty

Not Smart Enough for College (72)

I was most grateful to discover this beauty while I was on the inside and she was on the outside of our window!


And then I was in for a ringside seat at an amazing show that rivaled the greatest acrobats or trapeze artists. How still she sat upon her web. How patiently she waited. How quickly she sprang to action. How skillfully she wrapped her unsuspecting visitors.


Moments like this cannot be scheduled or planned. Yet, when we slow down and open our eyes, we realize that they are all around us. If we choose to follow, they can open the door to grand adventures in discovering the mysteries of nature and the universe around us.


Curiosity is one of the hallmarks of great scientific minds and something we can cultivate in ourselves and our children. All it takes to get started is to pause, observe, and wonder… “What kind of spider is that?” “How do spiders spin their webs?” “How strong is their web?” “Do they eat their catch right away, or save it for later?” “Why?”


We are never too old or too young to ask and keep asking questions. Developing the habit of curiosity is a great way to help your children have more success in school and more joy in everyday living.


Here’s to More Resilient Wins at Home and School,


Anne and Calvert

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