Resiliency Toolkit in Action: Quarnatine Edition

One thing is certain, we are stronger together.

However things started out, with so much confusion about timelines, expectations and priorities, many parents could use a good solid team to back them up right now. How does that sound to you?

With so much uncertainty still, right now is exactly the right time to have a plan for right now. Not a plan for forever, not a plan to change your whole life, just a coming through the next four weeks well plan. No one is really sure what the summer will look like. Will we be going to the pool or taking vacations? Lots of unknowns. Lots of things out of our direct control. So, let’s do what we can do, right now.

And that’s where we come in. Cal and I have introduced you to the 4Cs of resiliency and shown you how to go through the cycle with your family, failing forward, learning from your experiences along the way, growing stronger.

Learn and grow as a family at this critical time in your child’s life. Here’s what you need to know about this brand-new, four-week, online course for parents (and those who care about them), The Resiliency Toolkit in Action: Quarantine Edition –

Class starts in:

  • May 5 - May 29, 2020
  • Daily instruction about how to create resilience (M-F)
  • Video and written text
  • Direct access to us!
  • Weekly Zoom Q&A
  • Ask questions and get feeddback!

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Many people incorrectly assume that resilience is something we are born with; an innate ability to handle stress and the challenges one faces living life. The reality is resiliency is a skill that can be developed.

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Practice resiliency in the midst Covid-19. Ten simple steps for your family to follow.

It’s easy to see the bad, we’re all at risk for catching a virus we know very little about, we’re sheltering in place, social distancing, stockpiling toilet paper, home schooling our kids, wiping away the tears, and calming the tempers and fears (ours and theirs!). We know that it’s hard to cope with these challenges while we step up, make sacrifices, and protect those who are the most vulnerable.

So, here are 10 Steps to parenting with resiliency in these challenging times. There’s no need to read them all at once or try to make a lot of changes overnight. Put this guide where you can reach for it over the next few weeks when you want some inspiration and support.

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Our mission is to encourage, support, and inspire parents and communities to raise more resilient children.

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Resiliency Skills

Learn more about 12 tools that you can use in building resiliency for children and families.