The Trees are Moving


  A few days ago I watched a short video on my Facebook page. I am not certain if it is true or fictionalized to teach a valuable lesson. Either way the lesson it teaches is important for us to learn, apply, and teach to our children. The story is about a father and his adult…

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Robin on a Wire


  It was a lazy, hot, summer day between my 5th & 6th grade. Several friends and I had made slingshots using an old bicycle inner tube and a forked branch. We were anxious to try them. At first we shot at inanimate objects but soon lost interest and decided to go bird hunting. We…

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Does your child seem disconnected, bored, irritable?  Are you worried about how much time they spend glued to their screens, playing video games, watching shows, or being caught up in the world of social media?  Do they seem to lack a sense of purpose, direction or drive? Developing your child’s resiliency through spiritual growth can…

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He Leapt into My Heart

About 10:30 a.m., two days before Christmas in 1982, we received a phone call that changed our lives forever. I was in the garage working on some Christmas toys when my wife called me to the phone. I stopped what I was doing and went to answer it. When I picked it up the woman…

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Snow Storm Blessings

In January of 2016, a snowstorm hit the Washington, DC area, dropping nearly three feet of snow. The weatherman predicted the storm, but it was much more intense than expected. Following the storm, people began to venture out into the deep white drifts covering everything. Paul and his two teenage sons, Edwin and Matthew, were some of those…

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La Nona’s Sweater

  In December of 1967 I was living in the small city of Bergamo in Northern Italy. Towards the end of the month I had a sore throat along with a fever and general malaise. I was miserable but because I was young I didn’t pay attention to my health and went on with my…

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It Happened on the Light Rail


  Sometime ago, I received an email from a man I had met twice, both times on the same day while riding to and from work on public transportation. I appreciated the thoughtfulness of this man so much that I included the email in my journal. Here is a portion of that email.   I’m…

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