Benefits of Reading this Book

Enjoying reading compelling stories with practical and implementable ideas and suggestions to help your child develop resiliency.


  • Recognize simple resiliency skills that you can use to enable your child to become stronger and more capable as she deals with her challenges.
  • Create a closer family as each member learns, develops, and implements their own resiliency skills designed especially for them.
  • Understand that resiliency can be learned.
  • Help your child develop confidence and optimism to take control of their own destiny.
  • Understand resiliency and how accepting and dealing with our challenges can make us stronger and more competent as we move forward with life.

Busy parent?  Want what’s best for your child but have no time?  This is the perfect book for you!  Sneak just a moment here or there and you will find the wit and wisdom to inspire you, so you can gently nudge your child to take the small but amazingly powerful steps needed to become stronger as they meet their present as well as future challenges.

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About the authors:

Together Cal and Anne bring you a powerful combination of strengths.  You will laugh and cry and shout for joy and everything in between as they lead you to better understand and use your own strengths so you can help your child find and use theirs.  Cal draws on a lifetime of overcoming the challenges of Tourette syndrome as well as OCD and ADHD.  In spite of being told he really wasn’t college material, he somehow managed to not only graduate, but to go on to complete a Masters degree in Public Health as well as a PhD.  His stories are based on his personal wisdom, his experience as a beloved professor for over 30 years, and his long career in Public Health motivating people to change their lives for the better. Anne taught first and second grade and then was fortunate to stay home and raise her kids. After the kids were grown, she went back to school and became a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.   She’s spent the last 16 years as a therapist helping people heal their lives and their relationships.  She will help you create small, practical steps to put into action the inspiration you get from Cal’s stories.


Together Cal and Anne have 5 kids and 10 grandkids.  They’ve come through multiple bouts of cancer, infertility, the death of a spouse, divorce, combining two families into a reconstituted one, and so much more.  What really excites them is to look to the present, right now, here with you, what small steps can we take to make this day a better day for you and your family, and then the next, and then the next? 

So what are you waiting for?  Take a peek inside!

Download the First Chapter, FREE!

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