About those keys…


I used to “misplace” my keys. Okay, I used to lose them.

That rarely happens anymore. I put a key rack in the kitchen and held myself to my promise to hang them up as soon as I walked in. 

Tah Dah! A successful habit!

Now let’s talk about those missing shoes, and sunglasses, and …

I’m not so reliable when it comes to slipping off my shoes at the table, or under the desk, or by the couch. And sunglasses… they still end up in the strangest places.

And now I have to admit to myself that if I can make one new habit stick, I could do the same for another one. 

Over the years I’ve been so inspired sharing the journey as therapy clients have made wonderful new habits for how they connect with their families, take care of their health, stretch for their dreams, and so much more. 

I’ve learned that starting with one small change, sticking with it, not perfectly, but trying, coming up short at times, then trying again and again, slowly yet surely leads to one new habit, then another, then another, then a life transformed.

How about your life and family? Could a new habit start a transformation in how you speak with each other in pleasant and not so pleasant moments? How it goes when there are chores or homework, piano lessons to practice or soccer shin guards to find? 

The research is clear, it takes 27 days to make a new habit stick. So let’s lead the way, start with just one thing, and build from there.

Here’s to more resilient wins at home and school,


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