The Hairbrush

With a title like this I’m sure that you as the reader must wonder why I would write a story about a hairbrush. To ease your curiosity let me set the record straight. This brush is not ‘magical’ with special powers to curl hair or to keep hair from falling out or even keeping every…

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Conversations with Dad

The other day, I was going through some notes that I had written on scrap pieces of paper that I hoped to someday add to my journal and I found these thoughts from a meaningful visit I had with my father. On June of 19, 2014, I had the pleasure of picking Dad up from…

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Challenges of Playing Monopoly

Monopoly is a game that has probably been around since man first learned how to barter for bread, butter, and meat. It would not surprise me if some day the rules for this game were found in the non-translated manuscript of the Dead Sea Scrolls. I am certain that ancient merchants must have used it…

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Challenges and Friendship

When Lois Call was 18 months old, a cup of hot grease tipped over and spilled onto her head. It ran down her face, neck, and onto her shoulders causing a serious burn. The doctor made a house call to examine this little girl. After the exam, he placed bandages on her head and turned…

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George Washington’s Teeth


In his lifetime, George Washington was already an American hero. Honored and loved by his countrymen, it was only fitting that he was chosen as the first President of the United States. Most people are aware that George Washington had false teeth, but contrary to myth, his teeth were made from ivory, not wood, and…

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Finding Eddie’s Dimples


Eddie is my grandson who has a passion for writing, and recently he started writing children’s books. As I thought about him an idea for a post involving Eddie in a quest to get dimples started to evolve. So this post is about Eddie’s journey to get dimples. Obviously, this post describes my grandson’s struggles…

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The Lion’s Grasp


Anne Hjelle and Debbie Nicholls were avid mountain bikers, so, on a beautiful afternoon in January 2004, they decided to go for a ride in California’s Santa Ana Mountains. They had ridden this trail many times, and they were looking forward to being together, enjoying each other’s company, and pushing their bodies to the limit.…

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