How’s Your Puzzler?


I’m still working on the holiday jigsaw puzzles. When the family gathered we worked together and finished the first one, The Ram. Quite a challenge. It had no straight edges. We had to throw out a lot of our “puzzling” skills and create new ones.

Then we started our second. Wow, again. 1,000 pieces, with an accurately sized and colored photo mat. Sounded easy, almost too easy, like cheating. But YELP! It’s crazy hard. Again, new strategies and skills needed.

This is beginning to sound a lot like life. New year, new challenges, new puzzling to do.

Somedays I feel like Dr. Seuss’ old Grinch, puzzling and puzzling till his puzzler was sore.

And hoping for the breakthroughs that open new paths to happily failing forward this year, for you and for me and for all those we love.

Here’s to more resilient wins at home and school and beyond,


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