I Love You Papa

By Anne Evans-Cazier, LCSW | August 4, 2020

Normally, when our 3-year-old great-granddaughter, Rebecca, sees Cal, a big smile breaks out on her face, then she runs to him, excitedly calling out, “Papa!” as she throws her arms around him. Even through the pandemic we see her most every week, but only on zoom. It’s fun to connect and watch her grow and…

He Was 92 Years Old

By Calvert F. Cazier, PhD., MPH | July 28, 2020

Several years ago, my 13-year-old grandson, Eddie, and I walked to the park near my son’s house in Stuttgart, Germany. Eddie enjoyed writing and dreamed of becoming an author, writing science fiction. He knew I had a little bit of experience writing and wanted to ask me some questions and get some feedback on something…

Anne Evans Cazier on ABC 27 News

Family, expert discuss talking about current events within interracial families

By Anne Evans-Cazier, LCSW | July 23, 2020

Originally Posted on ABC27 by: Priscilla Liguori Posted: Jul 22, 2020 / 05:12 AM EDT / Updated: Jul 23, 2020 / 07:07 AM EDT View the original article, and the video of Anne, click here. PALMYRA, Pa. (WHTM) — With months of protests and reports of police brutality, it can be difficult to talk to…

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Many people incorrectly assume that resilience is something we are born with; an innate ability to handle stress and the challenges one faces living life. The reality is resiliency is a skill that can be developed.

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Practice resiliency in the midst Covid-19. Ten simple steps for your family to follow.

It’s easy to see the bad, we’re all at risk for catching a virus we know very little about, we’re sheltering in place, social distancing, stockpiling toilet paper, home schooling our kids, wiping away the tears, and calming the tempers and fears (ours and theirs!). We know that it’s hard to cope with these challenges while we step up, make sacrifices, and protect those who are the most vulnerable.

So, here are 10 Steps to parenting with resiliency in these challenging times. There’s no need to read them all at once or try to make a lot of changes overnight. Put this guide where you can reach for it over the next few weeks when you want some inspiration and support.

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Our mission is to encourage, support, and inspire parents and communities to raise more resilient children.

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Resiliency Skills

Learn more about 12 tools that you can use in building resiliency for children and families.