Psst, I’m late

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I meant to tell you about this sooner, but, thankfully, it’s not too late to let you in on this life changing treat.

It’s waiting for you in an amazing new book written by my friend and colleague, Janice McWilliams. The title is Restore My Soul: Reimagining Self Care for a Sustainable Life.

Through her own lived experiences and her work as a therapist, Janice invites us to explore the life and teachings of Jesus as a powerful model for living a balanced life every day. Whether you are a believer or not, Janice’s words can inspire all of us to live a healthier, sustainable life, to more effectively balance our time and energy.

I love the vision Janice creates as she teaches essential skills for building soul-restoring rhythms into each and every day. One gem that has stuck with me for days is “Every small win matters because they add up to make a real difference.”

Take a peek here to see if this is right for you.

Here’s to more resilient wins at home and school.


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