Teen Talk

Not Smart Enough for College (22)

Have you talked with a teen lately? 


I had the privilege of talking with a wonderful 16-year-old this week. She said, “I won’t be able to vote for the president for four more years, but what happens now has a big impact on me anyway.” 


Powerful words of wisdom from one so young. Her first chance will come when we in the US have our next presidential election in 2024. She plans to finish high school, go to college, and be well on her way to adulthood by then.


But she isn’t content to sit idly by, feeling powerless to shape the world she is growing up in. She told me how she and many of her peers are busy doing what they can to influence our shared future. They are thinking deeply about what they value and volunteering their time and energy, online and in person as safe, to promote leaders, laws, and organizations who support their visions for a better world. 


How about you?


We highly recommend you take a few minutes to talk with the teens in your life or community, safely in person, online, whatever works best for you. Find out what they are thinking and doing to make the world a better place. We suspect you will feel as pleasantly encouraged as we do about our shared future.


Happy Failing Forward,


Anne and Calvert

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