That Dog Is A Thief!

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A few years ago, my wife and I bought some sandwiches and decided to walk up City Creek Canyon in Salt Lake City to eat them. It was a warm fall day and we were enjoying our time together just laughing and being silly. We had just enough time to walk up the canyon and have a quick picnic.

We found a nice quiet place where we could enjoy each other’s company and we barely sat down when it happened. We didn’t hear anything nor did we see anything.

Without any warning a German Shepherd ran directly toward my wife and just as she was ready to take a bite the dog grabbed it, swallowed it, and ran away.

Running a short distance behind was it’s owner, a young woman carrying the leash. Her big smile and loud chuckle let us know that she was enjoying the moment as she ran past without a word of apology or an offer to buy another sandwich.

We sat there for a moment, not believing what just happened, then frustration started to surface. A few minutes later, after a good discussion on the rudeness and inconsideration of some people, we changed our feelings about what just happened and started laughing. It was too funny not to enjoy the humor of the moment.

Today we still laugh about the incident but still feel frustrated when we think about the woman’s behavior. We will never know why she didn’t stop and talk to us but we will always have a story to use as a teaching moment for our grandchildren.

As parents, we should teach our children the importance of being aware of their actions so if someone is offended (intentionally or unintentionally) they can stop and rectify the problem before feelings get out of control. Better yet, we can teach them to anticipate potential problems and prevent them from occurring in the first place.

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