That Magical Age


I was sooo excited!

It was August and almost my birthday. I was going to turn 5, that magical age when flower wands could grant wishes and I could start school.

I’m not sure what I really thought school would be like. I hadn’t been to preschool or anything like that back in the 50s. But my big sisters and my big brother went to school, and it seemed like a very important, exciting thing to do.

Laid out in splendor on the bed in my grandparents’ guest room was my pride and joy. A new dress. My very own brand new school dress. As the third daughter in the family, this was a unique and momentous occasion. My other clothes were perfectly fine, but there was no denying that they were hand me downs. 

My mom and I had gone shopping, just the two of us, another treat. And I got to pick out the dress I wanted. In my eyes, it was a thing of beauty. I can still see it clearly. A red and black plaid dress with a smocked yoke, highlighted by a ribbon of white eyelet lace with a black velvet ribbon threaded through it.

And so a tradition was born. As my August birthday approached, even though the days were still long and hot, it was time to start thinking about school. Time to shop for school clothes, time for that last trip to the cabin, time to start going to bed a little earlier.

What are your family’s “end of summer” traditions? How do you start making the shift in your heads and your routines?

And, hey, if you don’t have “end of summer” traditions, or the ones you have no longer seem to fit, now is a great time to start a new one. It’s never too early, or too late.

Here’s to more resilient wins all year long,


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