The Blue Sweater

blue sweater: value of hard work

Due to inclement weather I went walking at an indoor gym. Normally when I walk at this gym I try to do so for an hour, depending on my attitude of the day.  On this particular cold day in the middle of February I wore my favorite blue sweater to the gym, then took it off, laid it on the railing, and started my walk.

After 35 or 40 minutes I noticed that my sweater was gone. My first thought was that a young man sitting close by stole my sweater. He had been sitting there since before I came. When I noticed my sweater was missing, I also realized that the young man was gone. Not wanting to assume or accuse him of something he may or may not have done, I looked over the railing to see if it had fallen onto the bleachers. It hadn’t so I looked around the gym and even checked the lost and found. I never found it.

Later while walking to my car I started laughing because I remembered something.

I realized that whoever took it, got what he deserved. He got a beautiful sweater that was comfortable and always helped me look nice. But I wish I could have seen his face when he put that sweater on and saw the hole in its right elbow.

The lesson I learned from this experience was that often we see things which appear to have some value, but on closer examination they lack any value at all. The same is true with life. As we try to improve our life we must know what it is we want, how we want to get it, and what is the real value we place on it.

We can help our children understand that they control their future by the choices they make. The person who took my sweater didn’t know its value because he obtained it fraudulently. Our goal is to help our children know the exact value of the things they seek to have in their lives.

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