When It’s Frigid Outside These Things Can Keep Kids from Being Bored

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Cold and blustery days are perfect for staying bundled up indoors. If you have kids, however, and you’re stuck inside with them all day, things can get tense quickly. That tension will only build if your kids and/or teens are bored on winter weekends and days at home, which can lead to more stress for you. If you’re worried about keeping your kids occupied when the weather outside won’t allow play, here are some things that can help.


Kid-Friendly Tech 


If your kids don’t have their own tablets or laptops, purchasing one could reduce the stress and strain of dealing with cold and seemingly boring days indoors. For teenagers, finding a laptop that fits their needs (something durable or made specifically for gaming) and your budget can be easy when you use online reviews and buyer’s guides to narrow down your choices. Since even the most basic and budget-friendly laptops can still be expensive, you should look for a model that will be durable enough to stand up to your teen’s regular use and that is lightweight enough for your teen to take with him/her on family trips.


A portable laptop with ample storage can come in handy for those times when you need to keep your teenager safely entertained, but tech can also be helpful when your child needs to work on homework. There are even online games that can provide educational lessons for children of all ages, so investing in a child-friendly laptop or tablet is such a smart move.


Educational Art 


Ensuring that art is a part of your child’s learning experience is essential for building skills that will take him/her through adulthood. Art teaches basic skills that are vital for proper development, including observation, communication, reflective questioning, and of course, a sense of creativity. Your child or teen can reap these benefits by simply viewing and exploring various works of art but you can also plan rainy-day activities that will provide more hands-on lessons. If you want to teach your child about different countries and cultures, for instance, you can plan some culturally informed art activities for those cold and wintry days. Teenagers can have a blast creating their own tie-dyed creations while learning about Peruvian traditions or younger children can craft colorful birds to better understand New Zealand’s diverse wildlife.


Entertaining Books 


Reading is fundamental to brain health and development but reading can also be a fun and beneficial way for children to kill time on colder days. When your children read, they are not only developing their brains but they are also developing skills that will help them become more well-rounded adults. Your kids may already have some page-turners on their winter reading lists but if not, these age-appropriate recommendations are sure to keep them engaged and entertained. From classics from your own childhood to funny new books about dinosaurs, you should be able to find a few books to keep boredom levels low when your children are stuck inside all day. To encourage a love of reading, help them create a cozy reading nook.


Physical Play and Fun 


Did you know that play is crucial for your children’s development as well? When your children play they are practicing so many essential skills needed for a successful and happy life, including healthy routines, the link between choice and consequences, and even stress reduction. So while planning more productive educational activities for cold days can be important, it is also important to leave some free time for play. Giving your kids time to play can also be a simple way to help them burn off any bored energy, so long as that playtime gets them up and moving. If you need to encourage your kids to stay active while playing, stress-free activities like jump rope, gymnastics, dance parties, and bubble bashing can all be helpful.


Cold weather doesn’t have to cause major problems when your kids are home from school. You just need to be ready with some creative ideas and activities that will keep your entire family having fun while they're stuck indoors. You can keep some of those activities educational but also leave room for your kids to decompress, so you won’t have to stress.


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