Little Lois


Read a touching tale of a young girl’s whose tragedy in a medical accident gave a whole family the opportunity to learn what it means to be resilient. Highlight illustrations provided by world renown artist Greg Olson, story written by Calvert F. Cazier, PhD, MPH.

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In October, 1926 a terrible accident occurred which changed the lives of the entire Call family.  On this particular day the mother, Ann, was in the kitchen preparing dinner. Little Lois, not quite two years old, came in for a drink of water. Her mom was busy and didn’t see her standing on her tiptoes reaching for her cup on the edge of the cupboard. Lois was barely able to reach it, but she did, and she wrapped her little fingers around it and tipped it over.

The hot grease that her mother had poured into the cup only moments earlier spilled onto Lois’ head and ran down her face and neck. Little Lois let out an awful scream, and Ann turned and saw her daughter being burned by the hot grease. The doctor was called and came racing to the house.  After examining her he told her parents that he didn’t know if she would live or die.


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