Courage to Apologize

courage to apologize

One Sunday morning several years, ago, my father was in a church leadership meeting at which a man who no longer attended was being discussed. Dad was curious why this man of great faith had suddenly stopped coming. I’m sure this man’s situation had been discussed many times over the years, but on this particular…

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I Thought You Would Understand

I thought you would understand; self-respect

An experience with my high school history teacher has been indelibly etched into my mind. At the time it happened I was a naïve, underachieving, average student with no self-confidence. It is well known that I was not a good student. Earning an ‘A’ in anything other than PE was scarce, earning a ‘B’ was…

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Bob & David Are Friends

  This is a story of lasting friendship.  It began with two teenage boys, Bob and Dave, growing up in the late 1930s and early 40s. Bob was born with a cleft palette, which although repaired to the extent possible at the time, still had some obvious impacts on his appearance and speech.  Not everyone…

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La Nona’s Sweater

  In December of 1967 I was living in the small city of Bergamo in Northern Italy. Towards the end of the month I had a sore throat along with a fever and general malaise. I was miserable but because I was young I didn’t pay attention to my health and went on with my…

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